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We bought a 2004 325 CI brand new. Had it serviced as required. At approximately 9000 miles we started to experience what seemed like a Clutch Chatter when taking off in first gear. I brought it to BMW Of North Haven in Connecticut for all warranty repairs. When it was first brought there I was told they could not duplicate the issue. I picked it up and upon driving out it was doing it. I rescheduled an appointment and brought it back. The second time I was told it was a lean misfire in the engine. I'm not going to write a book on this but it went downhill from then on. The clutch was replace twice, dual mass flywheel once. The hydraulic clutch check valve & mass air flow sensor were replaced & the computer was reformatted. The problem was never repaired as required under warranty. The service manager the head mechanic & BMW engineer all went for a ride in the vehicle with me at the wheel. They all felt and heard the issue. Their response was, " oh that's normal ." What I thought then and concur after reading most of the reviews here is, I'm not surprised. BMW Consumer Relations is the bottom of the barrel, well beyond terrible.

A few years ago BMW was Class Action Sued in Federal Court in California.

This was regarding a Sub Frame defect in certain BMW models. Ours was one of them, and we were notified of the suit. The case was settled and BMW was ordered to address the effected vehicles. Upon calling BMW & the dealer many times, I was told we would be contacted to have our vehicle inspected and or repaired. Guess what ?

It never happened, and I was told the time frame expired.

I just purchased a brand new Cadillac ATS + 4 and I'm about to purchase another new vehicle, it won't be a BMW. I'm all done with BMW and their terrible operation.

Buyers Beware !!!!

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